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Tap Tap Tap... is this thing working?
Ok this is not what you thought. It's a bitch about... well more like a laugh than a bitch..about my job and the people i run into here. I work at a casino in the IT department. That means most of my time is not out on the casino floor and the more i stay away the more i like it. But just a little while ago I had to go out and service one of our KIOSKS. These are about the size of a small refridgerator, the main features on the customer facing side, is a touch screen and a card reader.. the swipe your card thru here sorta card reader. Casino patrons can get these cards which are used for various reward programs.

The KIOSK also has a printer that can print tickets about the size of a dollar bill plus a half inch in each direction. That's what I was working to fix. This printer is mounted to the front of the kiosk on the inside, just a slot exposed to the outside world. Keylocks open this front panel which swings down and is held from crashing on the floor by a chain on either side. Inside is a mass of wires and paper and a computer...basically an ugly mess.

SO there I am, on my knees, front of KIOSK open, my head inside a flashlight shining around and I hear a voice behind me. "Is this machine working?"

In my astonishment I bump my head on the side of the case, turn, and being a polite employee answered "No sir but there is one over there about 30 feet away" while my head is thinking it really wants to say "Yes... this works fine.. we always have it hanging open with a tech on his knees half inside."

Anyway... you get the point!


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