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Yes, Coyotes do ...
Less than one minute into my afternoon shift, Sunday, the only IT person on property at the Casino and the phone rings: "This is the front desk and we can not process credit cards and the reservation system isn't working right." 

By the time I write that down the phone rings: "This is the Heron resturant and we can't process credit cards..." a moment later one of the other resturants on site calls with the same issue. Then second later the cage, "We can not process checks..." and from HR, "People can not get to their paystubs ..."

Of course I check and there is NO inteternet, no connection to the outside on either of our providers. A quick visit to the server room to make sure all the blinking lights are blinking (they were) then back to IT command central. Booting of firewall box... no help (but was fun watching the light sequence on all the fiber ports cycle). Next step, reboot the PROXY server (this is not a one step process either).

Of course the supervisiors of each of the departments that called have told their administrators who are now calling and wanting answers (not that they would have the slightest comprehension if I told them the facts). Can't I just say "It will be done much sooner if you stay off my phone?" In case you were wondering, no that's not how to talk to the admins around here if you want to stay around here.

Finally, systems seem to be up and running, I make spot checks and verify the interfaces are performing (one needed an additional kick to get the food POS terminals talking to the servers). I make calls and let everyone know every thing is good. 

As soon as I settle in my radio channel (12 diff channels here for various departments) blasts out the voice of appreciation (rare in IT) 

"YOU GUYS ROCK"  (even if it was only me... still nice to hear occasionally).  

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(Deleted comment)
IT doesn't hear it enough... usually we just get angry remarks when things don't work "My printer is jammed and it is all your fault !" haha

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