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Work... Seriously!
3 Trips to the RV park! At least I was able to get someone from facilities to give me a ride out there each time (1 trip in golf cart, 1 tip in enclosed and a/c'd Kabota, and one in GMC full size truck). So the first two were for WIFI problems which I never got resolved and the third was a guest that could not get cable TV to work in their trailer. We can't go into the trailer so took a mini TV and checked the hook up outside, all looked good there. Older couple and I verbally advised them how to scan and set TV. but also noticed that their travel trailer had a VERY loose female connection on the coax hook up. 

Told them (jokingly) to forget the TV and go spend money in the Casino !

Getting nothing really done tonight as the RV park trips take so long each time.
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