I've never been a slave to better judgement

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

Pet Kangaroo ?
I just rad that a typical kangaroo is 40% smarter than the brightest dog or cat. Not sure if that includes Rin Tin TIn or not but it probably explains why kangaroos don't let themselves be pets often!
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when I took the position at this casino I forgot that these places are open 24/7/365 !

Doesn't help in setting a good sleep pattern that my weekly shift is Sat 11pm-7am, Sun 11pm-7am, Mon 6pm-2am, Tues 3pm-11pm, Wed 3pm-11pm (Thurs and Fri are off). See as those hours shift so does the time when you are supposed to sleep, from day time to night time. We change our shifts every 3 months, and I tell them that the time of day should be the same for the three months to let a body get some sort of pattern. But no one listens to me.. sigh... I pitty them all !
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The southwest edge of my property borders Coates Highway. Beacuse of the river in front of my house and the way the highway runs there is a downhill curve to the right then the left, across the bridge, then curve to the right and uphill. Yeah there's a guardrail but no shoulder.

Last night what I have been predicting happened after a year living here. There was a loud screen and something that sounded like steel marbles hitting the basement floor. A few moments latter a young woman at the door asking for help as her very drunk friend had hit both guardrails on both sides of the road and pretty much destroyed the car. 

Police called and drunk arrested. I drove the other two girls to the parking lot where the one had left her car (she was totally sober). 

What amazes me is that it took a year for something to happen there, especially since all summer logging trucks have been running through here.

The yellow area is where the bridge is and the bimbo smacked up her car. Silly people !

Oh the reason they were down the road is that there is a bar where the hunters hang out.. Guess the girls were in heat for them wild man types !

Awesome Director


Big Shots and Rule 34
A little more cancer related stuff
One thing that they do with chemo is keep a watch on your blood chemistry. And one of the things they watch is your white blood count. I was doing good there, a steady but very small decrease, until the last three chemo treatments. Then they said the count was a little below where they liked it to be and decided that I need some shots of this stuff called "Neulasta" which stimulates the bone marrow to make more white cells. These little shots are given the day after chemo, so I had 3 of the shots. The cost is incredible, the shots are small, only 6 mg, but the cost of the injection is $6000 !! I walk into the hospital, they stab my arm and minutes later I walk out. There's no special treatment or whatever. $6000 !!! I can't believe it !!

Rule 34 of the Internet
As I said, I work in the IT department of a casino now. I have never really worked in IT before, I was always foremost a programmer. I can now see that there is a world of difference in knowledge and concern and humor on each side of these closely related functions. For instance, my co-workers have no idea what it takes to actually program the software that they sling around. And they don't want to hear of how it's done. They are more concerned with the physical side of computers, and only care about software to the extent that they have to install it on computers. Little regard to how it is designed or the inside bits. It seems so cold and dumb to me.

The other thing is that they don't get the jokes about most of the internet. I mentioned RULE 34 to a room of 10 IT people and they collectively had no idea of what I was talking about. They also had never heard the famous song "The internet is for porn" and I include not just the furry version in that. Geesh! Those are standard things a person should know! And these are not dumb people, infact a lot of things that they have set up here are way above what I would call normal.
So rule 34 ... look it up if you don't know it

I'm back again
Holy crap it's been a long time

Yes, it's been forever and a day. Lots has happened and I'm not going to talk about it all here at once, maybe bits and pieces over time. One big thing was that I was in the hospital for fluid around my heart. They took out 2 liters! Damn that is a lot.. no wonder I was having troubles with walking and stuff. My heart didn't have room to work.

The down side of that little bit was that they discovered that I had lung cancer. This was back in March of this year. Chemo treatments every three weeks since then and some scans, CAT, X-Ray and the strangest PET scan. At this point it is all but gone says the doctor and we do nothing for 3 months then another PET scan. 

The Casino

I am working in the IT department of a casino now. Mostly fixing computer problems in both hardware and software. It's a cool place to work but damn it's a casino... that means open 24/7/365 and i means some shifts in the middle of the night. The IT department is here all the time just like the rest of the place. Right now mostly I have day time shifts, but sometimes I cover those 11pm to 7am times for others (yawn). 

I miss programming. That's where my computer heart and computer training is at. This is more help desk stuff and not all that creative like I am used to doing. Hope that sometime I can get back to programming! 

Cargo pants, man I've worn them for a long time and rarely used all the functionality of the pockets and such. But here.. there are times when you have to go to the far side of the property and you need to stuff your pockets with flashlights, cell phones (2), pen paper, 2-way radio, etc. Cause you don't want to get "way over there" and find you don't have what you need. 

===well back to work for now... this was just a little break===

oh, and hi back to all my LJ friends. Having tried facebook and other shit this is where I like to be!  

Life is Boring–Thanks Google!

Ever since being laid off last summer I have noticed that my life grows more and more uneventful. The biggest reminder of that is Google. Well not just Google, but the Google calendar, which I have set to remind me of events for specific days via email. The annoying part is that more and more days go by with the reminder saying “You have no events scheduled for today.” I used to have many events scheduled for each day. Oh well, guess I’ll watch Judge Judy then take another nap today.


Deer On HillOh NO !!! There are electric deer attacking !

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Using The Correct Highlighter



Yes folks… all those documents you have looked at over the years. Those places you thought were blacked out so you couldn’t read them. Turns out THOSE were the highlighted parts!!

Telnet on Windows 7

I don’t think that I have used Telnet in 3 or 4 years but today I needed it. Off to command window and found… no Telnet!

Well… there is a way to enable good old Telnet. Remember that Telnet isn’t very secure which is why it was turned off I’m guessing.

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Programs And Features
  4. Turn Windows features on or off
  5. Check Telnet Client
  6. Hit OK

After that you can start Telnet via Command Prompt. Such awesomeness !

I wonder
  • Can I remember how to post on here ? I have been away from it for so long that I doubt I can!
  • It has been so long that Windows Livewriter… which I use to post.. has a totally different look to it, although it is more like other recent MS products
  • Why do/did I spent time with Facebook and Twitter. I really don’t have the time to keep up with all these things so I guess I will stick to LJ and only occasionally updates to those others. I could write a whole mes of stuff about twitter and facebook but I think it has already been said many times.
  • What is this strange squeak? Having recently built a new garage and put in new garage doors… things were fine for a week or so and then I noticed a loud and annoying squeaking sound when the doors went up or down. I oiled the tracks and rollers and almost everything else. The squeak remained. Finally the one thing that was left to oil was the tension spring. This is a big coil spring across the top of the door frame. I oiled the ends of that and still a squeak. Ok, then in a desperate move I sprayed oil on the spring itself. POOF ! no more sound. Seems that the coils would wind up against each other and then rub causing the squeak. Another problem solved with the help of luck !



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