I've never been a slave to better judgement

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

Christmas Complaint

I guess I need new local friends. This year Danny and I decorated the heck out of the house inside and out. It was like the way a good mall would do it with moving things and scenes of winter villages and all. Yesterday we started tearing it all down and it makes me cry because despite invites to friends they all said we live to far out of town (12 miles). We always go in for their events and parties and it’s not too far for us. But turn things around and they just can’t manage it. I might just start inviting random street people from now on.


Guess I’m getting old. I used to love winter, Skiing and Snowmobiling… I even have medals from ski racing… I was always out there.

But now, especially since starting the whole chemo thing a year and a half ago, all I really think about in the winter is how nice it would be to live in a warmer place for the winter.



Ugly Hours

One of the techs is out for a few weeks with some surgery so we shifted around things to cover. Not sure how I got stuck with this but the hours I have are ugly.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday 7am to 3 pm (not too bad really)

Tuesday and Wednesday 11pm to 7 am (ACK! Haven’t gotten use to day sleeping)

Not Used to Copiers

Maybe I’m getting too old but I’m just not used to someone calling the IT office to report that “I can’t email from the copier!”

Excuse me? Who the heck emails from a copier?

OK, yes our many Xerox machines can scan and email the scanned image. The technology isn’t what gets me. It’s the words, the sound of someone saying copier and email in the same breath!

Weather Gadget I Want
Someone should create a desktop / smartphone (both) application that connects to the weather channel (or other source that has local data) but that has alert points that can be set. Not a whole lot of points, just something like this:
point 1 Rising Temperature hits a setting
point 2 Falling Temperature hits a setting
point 3 Wind Speed hits a setting
point 4 Rainfall in next setting mins

Work... Seriously!
3 Trips to the RV park! At least I was able to get someone from facilities to give me a ride out there each time (1 trip in golf cart, 1 tip in enclosed and a/c'd Kabota, and one in GMC full size truck). So the first two were for WIFI problems which I never got resolved and the third was a guest that could not get cable TV to work in their trailer. We can't go into the trailer so took a mini TV and checked the hook up outside, all looked good there. Older couple and I verbally advised them how to scan and set TV. but also noticed that their travel trailer had a VERY loose female connection on the coax hook up. 

Told them (jokingly) to forget the TV and go spend money in the Casino !

Getting nothing really done tonight as the RV park trips take so long each time.
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Spring and Summer

It's getting warmer and now I can go outside and work in the garage on my bikes and cars. Ok... not all the time. I do have to go to real work to earn monies. But.. there is the fun stuff now outside to overcome the dullness of working at the casino. You'd think a casino would be a fun place, huh?

Ok.. didn't want to turn this post.. the first in months... into a bitch session. I'm really happy to be here and happy to have warm weather so now i can shut up !
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Yes, Coyotes do ...
Less than one minute into my afternoon shift, Sunday, the only IT person on property at the Casino and the phone rings: "This is the front desk and we can not process credit cards and the reservation system isn't working right." 

By the time I write that down the phone rings: "This is the Heron resturant and we can't process credit cards..." a moment later one of the other resturants on site calls with the same issue. Then second later the cage, "We can not process checks..." and from HR, "People can not get to their paystubs ..."

Of course I check and there is NO inteternet, no connection to the outside on either of our providers. A quick visit to the server room to make sure all the blinking lights are blinking (they were) then back to IT command central. Booting of firewall box... no help (but was fun watching the light sequence on all the fiber ports cycle). Next step, reboot the PROXY server (this is not a one step process either).

Of course the supervisiors of each of the departments that called have told their administrators who are now calling and wanting answers (not that they would have the slightest comprehension if I told them the facts). Can't I just say "It will be done much sooner if you stay off my phone?" In case you were wondering, no that's not how to talk to the admins around here if you want to stay around here.

Finally, systems seem to be up and running, I make spot checks and verify the interfaces are performing (one needed an additional kick to get the food POS terminals talking to the servers). I make calls and let everyone know every thing is good. 

As soon as I settle in my radio channel (12 diff channels here for various departments) blasts out the voice of appreciation (rare in IT) 

"YOU GUYS ROCK"  (even if it was only me... still nice to hear occasionally).  

The Day After

Dateline: Saturday, Jan 14, 2012

It is the day after my birthday and I feel about the same as the day before. Perhaps that is because I did not go out and drink to much last night. In fact, I stayed home in the evening and relaxed after a day of running around getting new drivers license and plates for car and truck. Somehow I always forget about the plates expiring!

This afternoon I work. So my weekend of Thursday and Friday is over. Will be only 4 days because at the casino your birthday is a holiday, but since I already had it off… I get off next Wednesday ! Yipee… now if I can find some more holiday time before Memorial day it would be cool.

Tap Tap Tap... is this thing working?
Ok this is not what you thought. It's a bitch about... well more like a laugh than a bitch..about my job and the people i run into here. I work at a casino in the IT department. That means most of my time is not out on the casino floor and the more i stay away the more i like it. But just a little while ago I had to go out and service one of our KIOSKS. These are about the size of a small refridgerator, the main features on the customer facing side, is a touch screen and a card reader.. the swipe your card thru here sorta card reader. Casino patrons can get these cards which are used for various reward programs.

The KIOSK also has a printer that can print tickets about the size of a dollar bill plus a half inch in each direction. That's what I was working to fix. This printer is mounted to the front of the kiosk on the inside, just a slot exposed to the outside world. Keylocks open this front panel which swings down and is held from crashing on the floor by a chain on either side. Inside is a mass of wires and paper and a computer...basically an ugly mess.

SO there I am, on my knees, front of KIOSK open, my head inside a flashlight shining around and I hear a voice behind me. "Is this machine working?"

In my astonishment I bump my head on the side of the case, turn, and being a polite employee answered "No sir but there is one over there about 30 feet away" while my head is thinking it really wants to say "Yes... this works fine.. we always have it hanging open with a tech on his knees half inside."

Anyway... you get the point!


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